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Well, this is the beginning of another semester. Time for work again. You may be wondering what I am. Well, I am just a simple wall-fan situated on one of the pillars in the dining hall of one of the residential colleges in Universiti Malaya. I have seen a lot in my days, and this can be attributed to my high and mighty position so much so that I can safely say that nothing can escape my vision or hearing.


I know every face in this college. I meet new faces every year, but I long for familiar faces too. I am not the only kind of my species around. I do not know for sure how many there are because I never really bother to keep count of them. I do not have a chance to speak to my pals due to the fact that we are placed so far apart. To the human beings, I am just one of the many objects that give them satisfaction and utility, nothing more than that. They make me work, from morning till night. Only around midnight am I given some rest, when some kind gentleman switches off my mechanism.


I love to observe all the happenings around me. Life for the humans depends on food -- breakfast, lunch and dinner. During these times, I can really study the ways of mankind. Some rush into the dining hall, and rush off with a file in one hand and a piece of bread in the other. On the other hand, some of them take their time, combining their food with the latest gossip and chit-chat. I have heard a wide range of gossip since my days. Why is the human species so full of gossip ?


After the last meal of the day is over, the humans gather in the hall with their books. There are those who do study, but there are those who come with certain other intentions in mind too. Some come with the intention of dating, while others with the intention of watching television -- the inconsiderate ones who turn on the volume full blast. My sympathy goes to those who want to study.


As midnight approaches, more and more of them leave the dining hall. Finally, all the light will be switched off and I will be left in the solitary darkness. Well, that is the end of another day. Sleep and face another morrow.

1.   What does the phrase "nothing can escape my vision or hearing " mean ?
    (A) I can see and hear very well.  
(B) I cannot escape from being seen and heard.

I can see and hear everything.

    (D) I cannot see or hear anything.  
2.   How do the human beings treat the fan ?
    (A) as one of their kind.  

as an object to be made use of.

    (C) as a luxury item.  
    (D) as something to be discarded.  
3.   Where is the fan situated ?
    (A) on one of the pillars in Universiti Malaya.  
(B) in one of the dining halls in Universiti Malaya.

on a pillar in the dining hall of one of the residential colleges.

    (D) on one of the walls in the dining hall of one of the residential colleges.  
4.   How does the fan know every face in the college ?
    (A) All of them make use of it.  
(B) All of them have seen the fan.

All of them go to the dining hall for their meals.

    (D) All of them study in the dining hall.  
5.   In the eyes of the fan, how do the human beings appear ?

Some are always in a hurry, while there are others who are very relaxed.

    (B) All of them are always in a hurry.
    (C) All of them are very relaxed.  
    (D) All of them are very cruel.  

The phrase "not the only kind of my species around" means


there are others like me around.

    (B) there are none like me around.
    (C) I am not the kind one around.  
    (D) I am the only kind one around.  
7.   The fan's philosophy in life is, perhaps,

to live from day to day.

    (B) to be tired of living.  
    (C) to face another tomorrow.  
    (D) to wait for the end of one day.  
8.   The most suitable title for the above passage is
    (A) The autobiography of a fan.  
    (B) The diary of a fan.  
    (C) The story of a fan.  

An account of fan.


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