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Love is often thought to be the highest and most fulfilling emotion that men and women can express. But it is also thought of in relation to the various instincts in man. Therefore, we must realize from the mystical point of view is the highest emotion of man and the one emotion that relates man to God. To think of it otherwise is to prevent man from understanding the real truth of his greatest of all universal laws.

Love on every plane and level of life is an expression of God's will working and expressing itself in man's consciousness. To express love on any level is good, but to express it as adoration of God is the highest form of love and brings man into the greatest harmony with his inner self.

Before man can truly love with all his being, he must first experience many types of love-self-love and the love of material things, for example-before they can be transformed to the more exalted love of others, of beauty, or truth, of knowledge and understanding, and of the very motivation of life itself, the God within.

Expressing love rather than inhibiting this profoundly moving emotion is no easy task, especially for the young and inexperienced. But life teaches slowly but surely, leading us through many opportunities to acquire a true understanding of the miracle of this great law.

Love is the most sublime of all emotion yet it is never gained in its highest form without suffering and loss. The crucible of life must take its toll before we are enlightened in the fullness and the beauty of this great power. We must seek its perfection and strive for its attainment because love is the greatest of all goals in life-to be perfect in love when man and God become as one.

This is the goal of the mystical life; the revelation of self and the expression of the harmony of the spiritual consciousness within so that we may radiate that spiritual love which lies at the heart of life.

The attainment of this goal means living life fully and without bias, having no illusions as to what we are and what we can do. We must accept the challenge that life provides us and the more we enter into all of life's experiences, the more the spirit of love will grow in our lives and finds it's expression. To negate love is to curtail our inner spiritual growth. To express love on every level and everyday experience is to allow the love of God to grow daily in our hearts. Finally after many trials and tribulations, love will blossom into the illumination of the spiritual consciousness and we are then reborn into a new life of great achievement for the benefit of others. However, that attainment is far from being a simple one to the mind.

Only when we enter into our daily life with a balanced outlook of heart and mind, only when we try to see and understand others and ourselves as well as our circumstances, only when our points of view become a deep heartfelt content, can we clearly see the true meaning of life and all it has to offer. Then and only then will the spirit and harmony of pure love begin to grow within because we will have made a sacred place for it. Others will see and feel this heartfelt sympathy and it will prove so helpful to them.

There are few on the path who carry this light of the loving and sympathetic heart, but those who strive for the highest attainment of the mystical life will have to find that light sometime in their future. If they could see the redeeming feature of this cosmic decree, they would hasten to begin on the path to life's greatest attainment.

Many of the greatest minds of the ages have trodden this path and their works and achievements are a monument for all time of the love they gave and the sacrifices they made in order to vouchsafe their thoughts to the world. They gave their all to accomplish their true mission in life. These men and women were unique revealing that with a disciplined mind and a dedicated heart they could, with understanding, produce works of great genius which have served to enlighten and benefit mankind.

  1. (a) Explain mystical love.
    (b) What is the benefit of mystical love ?
    (c) What is the goal of the mystical life ?
  2. (a) What does the attainment of mystical love lead to ?
    (b) When can we be reborn into a new life ?
  3.   When can we clearly see the true meaning of life ?
  4.   For each of the following words give one word or short phrase ( not more than seven words ) which has the same meaning as it has in the passage.
      i.   relation   v.   tribulation
      ii.   exalted   vi.   sacred
      iii.   radiate   vii.   redeeming
      iv.   negate   viii.   disciplined
  5. In less than 160 words, summarize the author's points on Divine Love. Use the whole passage.
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  1. (a) Mystical love is the highest emotion that can be felt by  man and the only emotion that relates with God.
    (b) Mystical love is adoration of God and is the highest form of love and brings harmony to man.
    (c) The goal is to reveal the self and harmony of the spiritual consciousness so that we may express the spiritual love that lies within us all.
  2. (a) It leads to living a full life, with no biasness or illusions.
    (b) rebirth into a new life takes place after many trials and pain.
  3.   We see the true meaning of life when we live our daily lives with a balanced outlook of heart and mind and when we understand others and ourselves and become deeply content.
  4. i comparison
    ii high
    iii express
    iv deny
    v pains
    vi holy
    vii saving
    viii controlled
  5. The basis of Divine Love is the discovery of the God within. Love is a sublime feeling though it cannot be felt in its highest form without suffering. Yet it is only when man has found perfect love that he becomes one with God. The discovery of this love is the aim of all mystical students and its attainment means living a full life and without bias and without any illusion of what we can and cannot do. Life's challenges must be accepted and the more we play the game of life, the more the spirit of love will grow. To negate love is to cut short our spiritual development and to express it is to allow our development to grow. After many trials and pain, love will blossom and we will be spiritually illumined. It is then that we will be born into spiritual consciousness. The men and women who attained it gave their whole lives to its quest. ( 160 words )

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