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It is evident that the great, happy and successful people of the world have access to some power that obscure, unhappy failures know little or nothing about. Perhaps you think that it is just good luck that brings success, and let it go at that. But you miss something very important if you think like that. There is something other than luck or heredity that bestows happiness on one and failure on another, There is a method of employing the method, that has been employed by thousands of others to attain success and happiness for yourself.

If you seek help and are not afflicted with a closed mind, you can use the same power that has served these people, Let us begin with considering the reason for the case, for all Law is reason. As we look about us in the world, our senses inform us that it is full of objects of all sorts: houses, trees, people. We give the general name of 'things' or 'forms' to these objects. Closer observation informs us that each object has individual characteristics, such as odor, density, firmness, weight, color and we find that these objects are made of the same substances in varying physical or chemical combinations. So we say that the objects composing our environment are made of matter, and the state in which matter appears is visible.

Now, if we look more intently, we will see that there are other conditions in our world that are invisible. We see the fall of an apple; the cause of the fall remains invisible. We do not see the forces or energies themselves, but they are the causes of all that we see. What we see are the results - - called phenomena, or actions and states of being.

Plants, animals and human bodies change in size, but we do not see that makes them increase. We observe people moving about, but we do not see what makes them move, We think, but we do not see our thoughts. We listen to the radio, send telegrams, speak over telephones, or push a button for lights in our rooms but we do not see the energy on the way. We see a chicken pecking about the poultry yard; in a short time she lays an egg, which in due time becomes a chicken and later that chicken becomes a full grown bird, reproducing the process of life. A great drama of forces constantly unfolds for us.

So observation teaches us that we live not only in a visible world of matter but also in an invisible world of forces and energies that produce the visible things in our environment. We recognize these visible forms and we sense the invisible forces behind them through a power we call mind. No human being has ever seen mind, yet the existence of such a power is the most obvious thing in all our understanding, Everything in this world about us that man has produced, began as a thought in the mind of some man. Your home began as a thought that existed in the builder's mind before it took form. Your car took form first in the maker's mind. Everything that we do, individually or collectively, begins first in the thought of the thing. No matter how suddenly we do a thing at times, we think of it first. Sometimes we act quickly on the thought; sometimes we have to wait until we can develop conditions favorable to its accomplishment.  

Also as we look about us, we, observe many forms of matter that were not produced by the hand of man, for they express characteristics that no human being has ever produced. Man cannot create a tree, for instance, or an ocean or a robin, yet they too must have begun in a mind. In what mind and what thought did they begin ?

  1. (a) What is obvious about successful people ?
    (b) What's wrong if we think that they are just lucky ?
    (c) What is the condition of using the power ?
  2. (a) What do our sense perceive ?
    (b) How do we conclude thus ?
    (c) How will we see that there are invisible conditions in our world ?
    (d) What are visible and what invisible in our world ?
  3. (a) Why does the writer say a great drama unfolds before us ?
    (b) How does he show that everything starts from the mind ?
    (c) The passage ends with a question. Explain what the writer is suggesting.
  4.   For each of the following words give one word or short phrase ( not more than seven words ) which has the same meaning as it has in the passage.
      i.   obscure   v.   phenomena
      ii.   heredity   vi.   drama
      iii.   afflicted   vii.   collective
      iv.   firmness   viii.   accomplishment
  5. Write a brief summary, of 160 words or less, on how the author explains the visible and invisible aspects of the world
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  1. (a) Successful people seem to have some access to a power.
    (b) Luck has nothing to do with it and neither has heredity.
    (c) You must not have a closed mind.
  2. (a) Our senses perceive only objects.
    (b) We see, smell and hear only objects so we conclude them to be true.
    (c) There are a lot of thins happening which seemed to be caused by something invisible.
    (d) Things are visible and causes are often invisible
  3. (a) We see a lot of forces in operation, like a well rehearsed drama.
    (b) He gives simple examples of houses and cars; things which are created but start in the mind initially.
    (c) He suggest that there is some unknown force -- perhaps God.
  4. i little known
    ii from birth
    iii burdened
    iv solidity
    v happenings
    vi play
    vii together
    viii attainment
  5. You can see that successful people seem to have access to a power that unsuccessful people do not. You may conclude that this is just luck, but in fact the truth is that there is some method which is being employed by them. This method is available to you too. The world of our senses informs us of the various material things in the world. They are made of matter and are visible. A closer look at the world will tell us that there are other, invisible, aspects of the world. we do not see the forces that cause a lot of phenomena but nevertheless know that they exist. These forces are at work in the growth of plants and in the sending of telegrams.

Observation tells us that not only are there many visible things in the world but at the back of them there are invisible things as well. It is possible to use these forces fro yourself. ( 160 words )


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