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Unity  is  Strength

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Unity is Strength

One day, a flock of doves left their home in a forest looking for food. They flew for miles and miles, but they could not find any food at all. After some time, they became tired and hungry.

The smallest dove flew near their King and said, "Your majesty, can we rest for a while."

"Come on, little fellow. You must be strong and brave.

We'll get food soon," the king replied.

The little dove flapped his wings and flew faster. He saw some grains on the ground "Come on friends ! Let's hurry ! I see some food on the ground !" He cried to his friends.

The doves were happy to see rice grains on the ground.

"Come, my friends !" said the King dove. "Let's eat !" The doves flew down towards the grains and were enjoying their food.

Just a few minutes after, they found themselves trapped in a net. The doves tried very hard, but failed to free from the trap.

A little while, the doves saw a bird-catcher coming towards them, now they knew that the bird-catcher set the trap by dropping the grains. the doves afraid and began to cry.

"We must find a way to free from the trap," the King dove told them. They struggled to escape, but the net was strong.

"How can we save ourselves ?" asked one of the doves.

Suddenly the King had an idea. He said, "My dear friends, we must be united now. We can carry the net away if all of us fly up together. Remember, being united is our only hope."

The doves followed the King's advice. They pecked up the net and were ready for their King's signal.

"One, two, three!" shouted the King. The doves at once flew together with lifting the net with their beaks.

The bird-catcher surprisingly stared at the wise birds on the sky.

The doves were very happy when they saw that the bird-catcher was no longer chasing them.

The King said, "My dear friends, only half of our problems solved. Now we have to fly to the hills. My friend, the Mouse, lives there. He can cut the net with his sharp teeth and free us."

The doves cheered happily hearing this. "Yes, yes ... Let's fly faster,"

Soon, they reached the hills. The mouse was happy to see his friend, the King of the Doves. the king of the Doves told the Mouse what had happened and asked him to help.

"Of course, my friend. Let me set you free first," said the Mouse and he began to cut the net with his sharp teeth.

"no ... no ... no ... You must save my friends first," said King of the Doves.

The Mouse helped the Doves one by one and all of them were freed from the trap.

The Doves thanked the little mouse and flew back to their home.

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