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The Singing Donkey

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The Singing Donkey

Once upon a time, a washerman had a donkey. It was old and skinny. Every day, the donkey was made to carry heavy loads of clothes. But at night, it was free to go anywhere.

One night, the donkey met a wolf. Soon both of them became friends. They wandered together at night looking for food.

On another night, they found a vegetable farm full of cucumber. They wanted to eat the ripe cucumber.

The next night, they went to the vegetable farm again. They ate until they could not eat anymore. They did this night after night. They donkey grew fat.

One night, the donkey was in a cheerful mood after a heavy dinner of cucumber. He said, "It's such a beautiful night. With the bright moon and the nice breeze, I feel like singing."

"On Uncle, please don't. Your voice will only attract the farmer's attention. As thieves, we should keep quite, if not we will end up in trouble," said the wolf.

"Come on, Wolf," said the donkey. "Everything here seems wonderful. I'm feeling great and want to express my feelings through songs."

"Not here, please Uncle. Also your voice isn't that sweet."

"just say that you're actually jealous. You don't know how to enjoy good music," replied the Donkey.

"But it's true, Uncle. If you sing, the farmers will hear your hoarse voice. And then they'll come here to give you a reward," the wolf asked again the donkey not to sing.

"You're so stupid. You think I can't sing beautiful songs.

You better listen to this ...." And the donkey lifted his head to sing.

"Well then uncle," said the Wolf. "You may sing as long as you wish. But I shall wait for you outside the farm."

The donkey began to sing. The farmers heard him. Now they knew a donkey was in the farm. So, they came out with long sticks. They saw the donkey in the farm. They began to hit the donkey hard until he fell to the ground. Then they tied a big, heavy wood round his neck and left him there, alone.

They donkey lay still for a while. then he tried to rise on his feet and began to walk slowly. The wolf was still waiting outside the farm, saw the donkey dragging the wood.

"You see now uncle. The farmers had already given you the reward I told you about. Congratulations then," said the Wolf.

"I regret for not having listened to your advice," the donkey sadly said.

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