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The Lion Makers

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The Lion Makers

Once upon a time, there lived four friends. They enjoyed one another's company and were always seen together.

Three of them were highly educated. They thought that they had enough knowledge and nothing to learn more.

The fourth friend, on the other hand, was not educated. But had lot of common sense.

One day the friends wee planning to travel their neighbouring countries, to use their skills there to get rich.

"With our studies and wide knowledge we can manage everything. But I am worried about our uneducated friend ! He knows nothing. I am afraid he will be a burden to us." Said one of them.

"That's true. We shall not gain anything by taking him along. So let him stay at home," agreed the second educated man.

"We should be more understanding towards our friend," said the third friend. "He might be uneducated, but he has been our friend since childhood. We should take him with us wherever we go," he added.

The four friends began their journey. They reached a thick forest and found bones of a dead animal scattered in the jungle.

"This is the first chance to test our knowledge," said one of the educated friends. "These are the bones of a dead animal. Let's bring it back to life. And since I know how to arrange the bones together, let me do it."

"I will take care of the skin, flesh and blood," said the second.

"And I can bring it back to life," said the third learned man.

So they began their work. After the first one had finished arranging the bones, the second one made flesh and blood.

As the third one was about to bring it back to life, the uneducated friend shouted, "Please stop ! Don't bring the animal back to life. It is a lion ! It might kill us !"

"You are stupid," cried the third educated friend.

"You know nothing about this. You think I can't bring a lion back to life. You just wait. You'll see I can."

"Please give me some time. I want to climb up the tall tree," said the uneducated man. Then he climbed up a tall tree.

Then, with the will of god, the lion was brought back to life. It was very huge. Slowly it stood up and stared at the three men.

The lion roared and jumped to the three educated men. All the three educated men had been killed. The lion had made a great feast of them. It left the place, very satisfied.

The uneducated man climbed down the tree and went home safely.

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