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The Hedgehog

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Deep in the Hill Top Zone of Planet Mobius there lurked a most unpleasant individual. His name was Doctor Ivo Robotnik, builder of Badniks, all-round bad guy and number one enemy of Sonic the superhero Hedgehog.

"I am the nastiest nasty on the whole of this planet !" boasted Robotnik.

The dodgy Doc had perfected a plan to get rid of Sonic -- or so he thought !

Robotnik had secretly built an amazing 'invisibility' machine. Anyone who entered the machine would be made instantly invisible !

"Not even that most superheroic of superheroes will be safe now !" cackled Robotnik.

Switching on the machine, Robotnik quickly walked inside. The whole machine shook. Lights flashed and jets of steam and multi-coloured electrical sparks flew in all directions. WANG! CLANK! BUZZ! SPLONG! Strange noises filled the air.

Suddenly everything went quiet. The jets of steam disappeared. The egg-shaped one walked out of the other side of the invisibility machine. The visible Robotnik had become -- the invisible Robotnik.

"Eggs-cellent !" crowed Robotnik. "Now you see me... now you don't !"

Later that day some of Sonic's animal friends saw a strange flying vehicle heading towards them.

"That belongs to that rotten rat, Robotnik !" said one nervously. "Don't worry," said a second, "think of how Sonic would handle this. He would be brave !"

But when the machine came closer, Sonic's friends were shocked to see that it was completely empty. The animals, now very frightened, ran away as fast as their legs could carry them.

Robotnik, piloting the craft, was gleeful. "I really am invisible," he chortled. "Now for that so-called superhero, Sonic."

Sonic the Hedgehog was racing through the Hill Top Zone at supersonic speed, easily gathering the golden rings that supplied him with much-needed energy. The Badniks who tried to stop him were all too slow. But the happy hedgehog was unaware of the danger waiting ahead ... the invisible Robotnik, who was now out of his flying machine.

The Doc's plan worked too well !

Because Sonic couldn't see the eggy one, the hedgehog ran straight over his toes. Having your toes trampled by a supersonic hedgehog is not something the egg-shaped one would recommend ! But Robotnik gritted his teeth and kept quiet until Sonic was out of sight.

Poor Robotnik ! He hopped around in invisible agony, holding first one Sonic-injured foot and then the other.

"EEEK !" he yelled. "OUCH" he complained. "OWWW !" he moaned.

When the nasty villain's toes finally stopped throbbing, the most menacing inhabitant of Mobius made a promise -- he would get even with Sonic !

Before long, the invisible Doc was waiting in ambush on top of a loop full of energy rings. "Yok, yok, yok," said the devilish Doc eggily. "Sonic won't stand a chance this time !"

Suspecting nothing, the hedgehog hero travelled at mach velocities towards the start of the loop.

"It's grab a hedgehog time !" cried Robotnik confidently. But the owner of the speedy red-and-white sneakers was moving too fast. As the eggy one snatched at the blue blur that was Sonic, he misjudged his aim, missed by a mile and fell off the loop !

"AAAAOOOAAAHHH !" cried the egg-shaped villain, tumbling towards the ground.

Robotnik's fall was broken by a group of Spiker Badniks, who had the misfortune to be passing at the same time. The Badniks were smashed to pieces, releasing several of Sonic's animal friends who had been trapped inside.

"We're free !" the animals shouted happily. "Bah !" said Robotnik unhappily.

As Robotnik sat there, still stunned, Johnny Lightfoot the rabbit, who had just been released from a Badnik, jumped on his head and bounced away to freedom.

Staggering to his feet, the dodgy Doc decided it was time he took a rest. He hurried towards the upper reaches of the Hill Top Zone. He knew he would find some transport to take him to a lower level, where he could sit and consider his next move.

The battered villain sneaked onto a tram that was just about to leave -- muttering that it was time events took a turn for the better. There was not much point in being invisible if things kept going so seriously wrong !

Sonic, not realising his invisible enemy was aboard the tram, decided he would also hitch a lift. Robotnik could not believe his good fortune as he closed in on the hedgehog superhero. Was Sonic doomed ?

But Sonic quickly got bored waiting for the tram to reach its destination. He tapped his foot impatiently, then jumped out of the tram and raced off at super, supersonic speed. Robotnik, his invisible hands almost on Sonic, was so surprised by Sonic's sudden disappearance that he fell out of the tram. "Oh no !" screamed the desperate Doc. "Not again."

Robotnik plunged downwards. "I should have brought a parachute," he gasped, falling into a large pool of water with a giant -- SPLASH !

"What an eggs-asperating, eggs-cruciating eggs-erience !" blubbered the soaked and miserable Doctor Ivo Robotnik. "Next time, I'll bring a life jacket."

Some of Sonic's animal friends had seen the giant splash, but they couldn't see the invisible Robotnik. As old Eggy started swimming, all the animals saw was much mysterious splashing.

"Quick, let's get out of here, pals !" one shouted.

"Yok, yok !" laughed a cheered-up Robotnik, "I scared them off good and proper." Bad guys never know when to give up !

"And here comes Sonic again," grinned Robotnik later the same day.

"My trap can't fail this time." He was standing by a red spring, watching as the speeding Sonic approached.

"Nearly through the Hill Top Zone," said Sonic. "But where's Robotnik been all day ? It's not like Eggy to remain invisible ..."

Suddenly, just before he got to the red spring, Sonic veered away. "Change-of-course-time," announced the fast-moving hedgehog. "Something tells me I should use that seesaw catapult instead."

"WAAAAAH !" sobbed Robotnik. "How did that blue blockhead escape my clutches this time ?"

As Sonic launched himself into the air from the catapult, Robotnik made one last attempt to stop the superhero. The egg-shaped one jumped on the red spring to try and catch up with the airborne hedgehog.

But the spring was so strong that Robotnik was propelled far too high. He shook with fear like an egg-shaped jelly.

The dodgy Doc eventually crashed to the ground in another part of the Hill Top Zone. As he lay there dazed, Sonic ran right over him. "That's weird," said a puzzled Sonic. "How can you run over something when there's nothing there ?"

"GURGLE! SPLOGGLE! GLUK!" spluttered a semi-conscious Robotnik.

A gang of Badniks saw Sonic and tried to atack him. As usual, the hero hedgehog was too quick to be hit. And as the Badniks couldn't see their master -- Robotnik -- the Doc ended up singed and very bruised.

"That does it," fumed the eggy one. "Being invisible is visibly not working. Sonic can beat me without even seeing me !"

The angry Doc hurried back tot he invisibility machine and made himself visible again in record time. A few quick adjustments and the machine was set on overload. Moments later it blew itself to pieces.

The egg-like one was very happy. "Good riddance to a bad invention !" he shouted gleefully.

But Robotnik's joy lasted only a few seconds. Sonic hurtled past at supersonic speed, knocking the surprised bad guy off his feet. "Sorry, Eggy," said the famous superhero. "I didn't see you there !"

"Boo-hoo! Boo-hoo !" sobbed Robotnik, "I hate that hedgehog !"

"Seeyalateraurevoiradieufarewellbye !" called Sonic as he disappeared into the distance, leaving a trail of dust behind him.

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