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The Hare and The Wolf

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The Hare and The Wolf

One day, a hare was going towards a hill. Suddenly the hare heard shouts for help. The hare went towards the direction of the shouts. A wolf was crushed by a big rock.

The wolf shouted, "Please help me, Mr. Hare. Please remove this big rock. If not, I'll be crushed to death.

The hare removed the rock with much effort. When set free, the wolf pounced on the hare and bit it.

The hare screamed with fright and said, "You don't appreciate my helping you. Next time I will not rescue you anymore."

"You are in no position to help anyone. I want to eat you now," the wolf said ferociously.

The hare said, "Any one who is kind hearted cannot kill the one who has helped him or her. It isn't fair. You can ask Mr. Duck. He's fat and knowledgeable."

The wolf agreed and said, "Alright, let's go and ask Mr. Duck. If Mr. Duck doesn't agree with me, I'll eat him up, too."

The wolf and the hare reached Mr. Duck's house who was enjoying the sun. The wolf said, "I've caught the hare who lives by the edge of the hill and I wish to eat him up. What is your opinion ?"

The hare said, "He's telling lies. Actually I helped to remove a big rock that was crushing the wolf. I feel, that there's no reason for the wolf to eat me. What's your opinion, Mr. Duck ? Can the wolf do that ?"

"What rock ?" Mr. Duck asked.

"The rock that was by the edge of the hill."

Mr. Duck said, "I must see this rock before I give any opinion."

The wolf, hare and duck went to see the big rock.

"Put back the rock in its original place," Mr. Duck said.

The wolf put the rock back where it belonged.

Mr. Duck wasn't satisfied and said, "It's wrong ! Didn't you say that the wolf was crushed by the rock ?"

So the hare put the rock back on the wolf's body.

The wolf who was crushed by the rock again shouted loudly, "Mr. Duck, you've seen what actually happened. Tell us your opinion.

Mr. Duck answered, "I think of going home now, you look nice like that. You can just be here, wolf."

The wolf pleaded and pleaded but the duck and the hare ignored the wolf and went far from there.

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