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The Frog Prince

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Once upon a time, there lived a king and a queen. They had three beautiful daughters. The youngest princess was the prettiest.

She loved to play with her golden ball beside the lake in the royal gardens.

Unfortunately, one day, the ball fell into the well beside the lake. the princess cried helplessly.

Seeing the princess cry, a frog took pity on her and said, "What's the matter, princess ?

"Oh ! My favourite golden ball. It fell into the well and i can't have it back," she cried.

"I'll get if for you," said the frog, "if you promise to take me with you to the palace. You must let me eat from your own golden plate and sleep on your own golden bed."

The princess thought for a moment. "A frog can never leave his lake. I'll pretend to agree to him and have my ball back."

Thinking so, the princess gave her word.

So, the frog dived into the well. In a moment, he brought back the gleaming golden ball !

The princess was so overjoyed to have her ball back that she even forgot to thank the frog and ran away.

The frog called out to her, but she was gone !

That night, as the princess sat down for dinner, she heard a knock at the door.

"Let me in !" called out a voice.

The princess rushed to the door and opened it. It was the frog of the lake ! The princess was shocked ! She slammed the door on the frog's face and came back to have her dinner.

The king noticed her pale face. He asked, "Has a giant come to fetch you, dear daughter ?"

"Oh, no, father ! It's a frog," said the princess. And with tears in her eyes, she told him all that had happened that day beside the lake.

Her father thought for a moment. Then he said, "A promise is a promise. It must be kept. Let the frog in."

Half-heartedly, the princess opened the door. And the frog followed the princess to the dining table. Splish-splash ! Splish-splash !

"Please lift me so that I can sit beside you and have food from your golden plate," said the frog.

"Of course not, frog. How can I touch a slimy creature like you ?" cried the princess.

"You promised him so," said the king sternly

So, twitching her nose in repulsion, she picked up the frog. then she put him on the table and let it have food from her golden plate.

After the frog had his fill, he said, "Carry me to your bedroom. I want to sleep now."

So the princess had to carry the frog to her bedroom and let it sleep on her silken pillow.

The princess cried in sorrow and the king consoled her.

Later that night, the princess heard the frog sobbing quietly.

"What is wrong with you now ?" asked the princess.

"Oh ! I just wanted to make friends with you. But you do not like me because I am an ugly, slimy creature," said the woeful frog.

The princes felt pity for him. "Oh ! I'm sorry, frog. I'll be your best friend," she said.

And she picked up the frog and gave it a goodnight kiss.

And lo! The slimy frog changed into a handsome prince.

"Thank you, sweet princess. You have saved me from the spell of a wicked witch," the young prince said.

"An evil witch had turned me into a frog. the spell could be broken only if a princess took me home and let me eat from her plate and sleep on her pillow. You helped me break the spell. Thank you, sweet princess," said the prince.

The prince and the princess had fallen in love with each other. They son married and lived happily ever after.

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