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The Fox and The Wolf

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The Fox and The Wolf

One day, grandfather reminded his wife, "Dear, give me a packet of biscuits. I want to go fishing."

Grandfather caught a lot of fish. He also finished off the biscuits.

On his way home, he saw a dead fox lying on the road.

"Wow ! The fur of the fox is beautiful. I can present it to my wife. She can make a dress," grandfather thought and he got down from the lorry he was driving. He carried and put the fox at the back of the lorry and drove home.

Actually the fox pretended to be dead. He took the opportunity to throw down the fish one by one onto the road. When there was no more fish in the lorry, the fox jumped out from the lorry and ran away.

Grandfather shouted happily when he reached home and he called his wife, "Dear, come and see. I've brought home the fur of a fox that's beautiful for you."

"Where is it ?" his wife asked.

"The fish and the fur are at the back of the lorry."

His wife went to the back of the lorry but could not see any fish or fur. She was angry and said, "Hey, old man. You enjoy bluffing me, don't you ?"

Grandfather realized that the fox wasn't dead. He was sad.

After jumping down from the lorry, the fox turned back and picked up all the fishes he had thrown down earlier. When he has finished, the fox sat down and ate. A while later, a wolf appeared.

"How do you do ?"

"How do you do ?"

"Can I have a fish ?" the wolf asked.

"Go and catch your own," the fox replied.

"I don't know how to catch fish," the wolf said.

"Do you know that I caught all these fishes by myself ? It's not difficult to catch fish. You just hang your tail into the river and the fishes will be hooked onto your tail. But you must remember ! You have to kneel longer, if not, you will not catch many fish."

The wolf ran to the edge of the river and hung his tail into the river. It was winter and the weather was very cold. The wolf kneeled at the edge of the river the whole night through. The water became ice and the wolf's tail was stuck in the ice. The wolf tried to stand up but could not.

"Wow ! My tail is stuck. There must be a lot of fish hooked on to my tail !" the wolf thought.

A while later, a few villagers came by. They were carrying poles. They saw the wolf and cried, "Wolf ! Wolf ! Let's hit the wolf quickly !" they hit the wolf with their poles.

The wolf tried to run away. He struggled until his tail broke. While fleeing away, the wolf thought, "Useless fox ! He dares to make fun of me. I'll take my revenge." The wolf went to look for the fox angrily.

The fox ate up all the fish that he had stolen. he felt lucky to day and decided to steal other food.

The fox went to a house. He went into a room. There were many women making cakes in the room. The fox put his head into a pail to eat the food that was in the pail. Unfortunately his face was covered with the dough that was in the pail. The fox was frightened and ran away. He bumped into the sullen wolf.

"How did you teach me ? My body is bruised from being beaten, " the wolf said angrily.

"Dear wolf, you're lucky to be slightly bruised. Look at me ! My injuries are worse. My head is cracked open and even my brains have come out. My leg is broken and I can't walk properly," the fox answered.

The wolf felt guilty and said, "You're right. Where are you going ? Let me carry you."

The fox felt comfortable being carried by the wolf.

Can the wolf guess the fox's cunning and sly plans ?

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