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The  Cat's  Judgement

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Once upon a time, a hen made a nest at the bottom of a large tree in the forest.

She was living there for a long time.

One day the hen went far from her home. She found a paddy field with lot of food and stayed there for long time.

While the hen was away from her home, a homeless rabbit found the home empty and he took it his own.

One day the hen returns to her home in the forest. She found a rabbit in her nest. She asked him to move out. But the rabbit claimed the nest was his own home. " I found it when nobody was living here !" said.

The hen also claimed that she was the one who built the nest. The animals and the birds knew the hen was right.

But they could not judge for whom it belongs. Then the hen and the rabbit agreed to find someone to settle their quarrel.

After walking for miles, they reached on the bank of a river. There, they saw a big tom-cat. Both of them knew how dangerous a tom-cat could be, but the cat looked as if he was praying ! That was the first time they saw a holy cat !

The hen and the rabbit agreed that the cat looked fit to be their judge.

"But," said the hen," We must be very careful. Cat is our natural enemy."

Turning to the cat, the hen said, "Oh Holy One, please be a judge in our little quarrel. You may punish whoever you think is in the wrong."

So the hen and the rabbit explain to the cat what had really happened. Both said that the house belonged to them.

The cat sat in silence for a while. Then he said, "I'm very old. I cannot hear you very well. Please come a little nearer to me and explain it all over again."

By then the rabbit and the hen had already started to trust the holy cat. So they moved nearer to tell the cat about their quarrel.

Before they knew what was happening, the cat had hit them hard with his paws and killed, ate them both.

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