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The Blue Jackal

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The Blue Jackal

One day, a jackal was walking alone looking for food. He could not get any food to eat. He was feeling tired and hungry. He had gone very far away from the forest. Soon. Soon he found himself walking along the streets of a town.

He knew it was dangerous to walk about in town. "I must get some food," he said to himself. "I just hope I won't get into trouble with men or dogs."

But trouble was actually not far away. The next moment, he heard some dogs barking. He knew the dogs would come after him sooner or later.

The jackal saw the dogs and was frightened. The jackal ran fast to save his life. After a while, the dogs were near to catch up with him. The jackal ran towards a house.

The jackal saw a container in the garden. To escape from the dogs, he jumped into the container. As the dogs could not find the jackal, they left the place.

After sometime the Jackal crawled out of container. He was shocked to find that he had turned into the blue jackal ! He did not know that there was blue dye in the container.

The Jackal was confused. He did not know what to do. He ran towards the forest as fast as he could. All the animals in the forest had never seen an animal of that colour before. So they were scared of him.

But the jackal was smart. He knew the other animals were afraid of him. He wanted to take advantage.

"Why must you run away from me ?" he shouted.

"Come near. Listen to me. I have to tell you something".

The animals stopped running. They stared at him from a distance. But they still scared to go near him.

"Come here, all of you !" the blue jackal shouted again. "Call all the other animals too. I have an important news for you."

Tigers, elephants. monkeys, rabbits, deer and other animals gathered around him.

"You need not to scared of me," said the blue jackal.

"You are safe with me around. I was sent from heaven to be your king. I shall protect you." The animals believed him. They bowed in respect before him.

"Your Majesty," they said, "We accept you as our king. We thank heaven for sending you to us. Please let us know what you want us to do for you."

"You must take care of your king," replied the blue jackal. "You must serve him delicious food."

"Of course, Your Majesty," said the animals. "We shall do everything to make our king feel happy. What other things should we do ?"

"You must be loyal to your king at all times," ordered the blue jackal. "And the king will protect you from your enemies."

The animals were very happy. They accepted the blue jackal as their king. They brought tasty food and took care of him.

The jackal enjoyed himself as a king. The animals visited him to pay respect and to tell their problems. He would listen and advise them on what to do.

One day, while the jackal was listening to the animals, he heard a loud noise from a distance. The noise was the jackals' howling. He had not heard it for long time.

He was happy, after a long time he could meet his friends again. The jackal forgot himself that he was a king now. He raised his head and howling back to his friends.

The animals heard the howling of their king. They came to know their king was just an ordinary jackal. He had been cheating them all these while.

The animals were very angry with the jackal. They ran after him to tear off his skin. But the jackal was very clever, he ran away from the animals.

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