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The Baby Jackal and The Lions

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The Baby Jackal and The Lions

Long ago, a lion and a lioness lived together in a forest. One day, the lioness gave birth to two little cubs. The lion and lioness were very happy.

"You must stay at home and look after our babies until they grow up," the lion said to the lioness. "I'll go to look for food."

So every day, the lion went out looking for food. He brought back enough food for the four of them.

One day, the lion went out hunting as usual. But he was unlucky. He could not find anything to kill.

Late evening he went home. On the way back he met a baby jackal. He took it home.

"This is the only food I can get today," said the lion.

"But I can't kill him for he is still a baby," he added.

"I have no heart to kill him too," said the lioness.

"Let's keep him as our third son."

So the lioness looked after the baby jackal. He grew up together with the two cubs. The three young animals were always together. Sometimes they chased animals in the forest.

One day while playing in the forest, the cubs came across a wild elephant. The cubs followed the wild elephant to kill.

The young jackal was frightened. "He is an elephant. He will kill you. So, don't dare to go near him," he said to his brothers.

Then young jackal ran away, leaving his brothers behind. When the lion cubs saw their brother running away, they too ran home.

The lion cubs told their mother about the elephant. They also told her how their brother became scared and ran home.

Then the young jackal overheard what his brothers told their mother. He was hurt and angry. He told them that he was not coward. He was as brave as they were.

"Come here. Let's fight," dared the young jackal. "I will show you who I really am," the young jackal shouted at the lion cubs.

The lioness calmed down the young jackal. "you should not be rude to your brothers," she said. But her advice only made the young jackal angrier.

"They do not have the right to make fun of me !" said the young jackal. "Am I not as brave as them "" he asked. "I'll show you how strong I am. I'll kill both of them !"

The lioness smiled at the young jackal. "Of course, you are brave," she said. "And strong. And clever too. But your family never killed elephants."

The young jackal did not understand the lioness. "What do you mean, Mother ?" he asked.

"Listen to me, my dear," sad the lioness. "Your real mother was a jackal. I took pity n you and brought you up together with my babies. My children do not know that you a re actually a jackal. Now, you must leave this place and to to live with your family. Or else, my children will kill and eat you."

The young jackal was very frightened when he heard that the lioness said. He ran for his life.

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