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Someday My Prince Will Come


( I )

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Chapter 1

Hello, I am Snow White. I live an enchanted life as a princess in a wonderful castle. Days with my Prince are filled with joy and delight.

But this was not always so.

My father died when I was very young. My stepmother, the Queen, raised me. Though life wasn't as wonderful as it is now, I wasn't unhappy living with her.

I didn't know that the Queen was very jealous of me.

My job at the castle was to do all of the cleaning. I often sang while I worked.

One sunny morning, while getting water from the well, I noticed someone watching me. It was the Prince ! He had heard my singing and stopped to find out where the music was coming from.

My singing enchanted the handsome Prince. And I was enchanted by him as well. I stared into his eyes as I sang.

All at once, I felt very nervous and ran inside to my room.

Then, I heard the Prince call out to me. I stepped onto the balcony and held one of my doves. I kissed it and sent it flying down tot he Prince. The dove landed on his shoulder and delivered my kiss.

Even though I didn't know who he was, I knew we had fallen in love.

Chapter 2

I wandered the castle thinking about the Prince. Where had he come from ? Would I see him again ?

I wished that I hadn't been quite so shy down at the well and hoped the prince would return again soon.

I even dreamed that he might come and take me to his castle where we would marry and live happily ever after.

Chapter 3

The next day, the royal huntsman invited me on a walk through the forest. Since the Huntsman had always been very kind to me, I happily went with him.

We walked a long way, further than I had ever walked in the forest. I sang to myself as I picked flowers and made friends with the woodland animals.

Suddenly, I saw a dagger in the Huntsman's hand ! I was about to scream when he dropped to his knees.

'I can't do it, your Highness. Forgive me,' he confessed.

I didn't understand what he meant.

'The Queen is mad,' he continued. 'She is jealous of you. She'll stop at nothing. Run away, hide, and never come back !'

I was in great in danger !

Chapter 4

I ran away deep into the forest, very frightened -- and alone !

Before long it was night time. Scary monsters with bony arms tried to grab ! And creatures with glowing eyes watched me from the forest !

I ran on and on until I collapsed from fright.

When it was finally morning, I realised that the bony arms were really tree branches, and the eyes in the darkness belonged to my animal friends. They had watched over me all night long.

Daylight filled the forest now and I was no longer scared. But I was very tired and needed to find some place where I could rest.

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