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Saves the King of Sweden


( I )

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I, Nate the Great, am a detective. My dog, Sludge, helps me. I solve easy cases and hard cases. Sometimes I solve strange cases. Especially for Rosamond. But this summer Rosamond was in Scandinavia.

There would not be any strange cases to solve. That is what I, Nate the Great, thought until I looked in my mailbox.

I found a big picture postcard from Rosamond. The picture was of a palace. So far, so good. There was a message from Rosamond.

Dear Nate,

I was in Norway. Now I am in Sweden. I was in this palace today. I did not see the king. I did not see a detective. I lost something on my trip. I don't know where.

I need your help. If you don't help me, I will have to ask the King of Sweden to take the case.




P.S What I lost is very tiny and works only at night. It lives in dark places. It looks smart like you and thinks hard like you but it has a very long nose so it probably thinks through its nose instead of its head but I'm not sure about that.


Rosamond was even stranger in Scandinavia than she was at home. I, Nate the Great, could not take a case that was thousands and thousands and thousands of miles away. I threw Rosamond's card in the wastebasket.


The next day I got another card.


Here are the rules:

If you don't take the case, call Sweden. Ask for Rosamond. If you take the case, you don't have to call.




P.S. If you don't take the case, I will hire that king. I will call him up. I will send him cards. I will knock on his palace door. I will get him.


I stared at Rosamond's card. There was a nice stamp on it. There was a man's picture on the stamp. He looked like a king. He did not look like anyone who would want to be hired by Rosamond. I began to think. This could be my biggest case yet. It was international.


Rosamond had lost something in a foreign country. Maybe in a palace. Maybe I could even save the King of Sweden from Rosamond. i wrote a note to my mother.


Dear Mother,

Somebody lost something in Scandinavia. I am going to find it, I will not leave the neighborhood. I will be back.

Nate the Great


This case was a big blank. Rosamond had not sent her address. I did not know what she lost or when she lost it or what country she lost it in. How could I even begin ? I decided to start at Annie's house. Annie and Rosamond are good friends.


Sledge and I went to Annie's house. Annie was out front with her dog, Fang. " am on a case," I said. "Rosamond lost something somewhere in Scandinavia. What do you know about her trip ?"


"I helped her pack," Annie said.

"What did she pack ?" I asked. "Was it anything that looked smart and had a long nose ?"

Fang looked up.

He thought I was talking about him.


Annie said, "Rosamond took clothes, shoes, boots for hiking in the mountains, toothbrush and paste, a hairbrush, and toys for her cats."


"Rosamond took her cats to Scandinavia ?"


"Yes, she said that the fish taste better over there."


"What she lost does not sound like anything that she packed."


"She packed in a strange way," Annie said. "She had a special place for everything. She put her left boot on the left side of her suitcase, and her right boot on the right side. She put her cats' toy mice in her shoes."


"Why ?"


"She said her shoes could be like mice holes for the mice.


Their home. Want to hear more ?"


"Not if I can help it," I said.


"Tell me, has Rosamond written to you ?"


"Well, last week i got this photo from Norway." Annie pulled a picture from her pocket.


I looked at it.


I saw Rosamond and her four cats. They were standing in front of a store. It looked like a gift shop. There were T-shirts and mugs and little figures in the store window.


Rosamond and her cats were all wearing T-shirts.


Printed on every shirt was NORGE KJERLIGHET ROSAMOND.


I turned the picture over. On the back Rosamond had written, "This means Norway Loves Rosamond." Annie said, "Rosamond told me that she was going to buy T-shirts and have something printed on them."


"Aha!" I said. "Since Rosamond didn't lose something she packed, she must have lost something she bought. Do you have her address ?"


"May I borrow this picture ?"


"Sure," Annie said. "Can you find out why Norway loves Rosamond ?"


"I, Nate the Great, would need a million years to find one clue."


Sludge and I went home. i got my magnifying glass. I looked at the photo Annie got from Rosamond.


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