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Chapter 1

Welcome to Atlantica. I'm Princess Ariel. I'm a mermaid, but my father, King Triton, has a magic trident that can transform me into a human !

It's as a human that I now live with my husband, Prince Eric, in our palace on dry land.

I always dreamed of living on land. When I was a girl, I used to watch human ships sail on our ocean and spy on humans at the beach.

My father always told me to stay away, but I had to swim closer and closer to learn more about these two-legged creatures.

One of my favourite things to do was explore sunken ships. Whenever my friend Flounder and I visited the ships, we'd find the most wonderful treasures !

Daddy said humans were cruel. But I knew that any creature who could make things as beautiful as these treasures couldn't be all bad.

Chapter 2

One day, I found something amazing. It looked like my father's magic trident, only much smaller.

'Have you ever seen anything so wonderful ?' I asked Flounder.

Back then, I didn't know anything about the human world.

Even an ordinary fork would make me daydream about life on land. Did they have cities like we did ? And what about music ? I loved to sing and wanted to know what wonderful songs humans sang.

One day, Flounder and I swam to a secret cave where I kept my human treasures. I turned on a musical toy and watched the tiny couple move on their feet to the music.

It was called, 'dancing'. I wished I could dance.

How I wished I could be a part of their world.

Chapter 3

Flounder and I were arranging my treasures when a ship passed overhead. It blocked the sunlight with its shadow as it sailed by. Flounder and I swam up to watch it.

But a hurricane struck. Powerful winds created waves that pushed the ship closer and closer to rocks near the shore !

Suddenly, the human they called Prince Eric fell overboard ! I dove underwater to rescue him.

Swimming against the strong waves, I pulled the prince onto the shore. I had never been this close to him -- or any other human -- before. And Eric was very handsome !

I couldn't keep my eyes off him.

I was so moved that I started to sing. And Eric opened his eyes ! But the prince's friend Sir Grimsby approached, so I jumped behind a rock.

Father's advisor, Sebastian the crab, suddenly appeared at my side ! 'We're going to forget this whole thing ever happened,' he said.

Chapter 4

I couldn't forget about Prince Eric. I spent the entire day thinking about him.

Then I started to wonder how Sebastian found me above the water. Was he following me ?

Just then, Daddy swam into my secret cave ! He had sent Sebastian to watch over me, and the crab had told him everything. Father was furious. He lectured me about swimming close to the humans and about my responsibilities as a princess.

But I didn't want to be a princess ! I wanted to be a girl -- a human girl.

All of a sudden, I felt something brush against my arm. It was a pair of eels that belonged to the sea witch, Ursula.

'Ursula can help you,' they hissed.

I had heard horrible stories about Ursula, but I was so angry and upset I didn't care. I just wanted to see Prince Eric again.

I followed the eels to her cave.

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