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Finding NEMO


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Marlin was a clownfish -- but that didn't mean he had to find life funny. All he did was worry about his little son, Nemo, who had one weak fin. Marlin had lost the rest of his family to a big bad barracuda when Nemo was just an egg. He was determined that no harm would ever befall his only son.

Nemo was a fish full of fun who was looking forward to starting school and making friends. But Marlin didn't even like him going outside their home.

"What's the one thing we have to remember about the ocean ?" he asked little Nemo sternly.

"It's not safe," Nemo sighed.

On the first day of school, all the kids went on an outing to the edge of the reef. Nemo had made some new friends and, together, they sneaked off daring each other to swim out into the open sea. Nemo was nervous and didn't venture very far, but it was way too far for Marlin, who was hovering nearby.

"You think you can do these things, but you just can't, Nemo!" he yelled, rushing over.

Defiantly, Nemo decided to prove him wrong. While his dad was distracted, the little fish swam out, towards a boat anchored overhead.

Brave Nemo had made it all the way to the boat when disaster struck -- a diver grabbed him !

"Daddy, help me!" yelled Nemo as he was scooped up in a net.

"Coming, Nemo!" cried a distraught Marlin. There was nothing he wouldn't do to save his precious son.

But another diver saw him and took a photo !

Blinded by the flash for precious seconds, Marlin couldn't catch up with the disappearing divers. The boat took off so fast that a diver's mask fell overboard.

A beautiful Regal Tang Fish called Dory offered to help Marlin find Nemo, but unfortunately, she had a short-term memory problem.

"I forget things almost instantly," she explained, and promptly forgot who Marlin was. "Er... Can I help you ?" she asked.

Marlin sighed. He turned to head off -- and came face to face with a shark.

The shark was called Bruce. He was trying to turn vegetarian ! The big bruiser wanted the fish to meet his like-minded buddies, so they could prove their motto: 'Fish are friends, not food !"

Dory, as enthusiastic as she was forgetful, thought the whole thing was a great idea. Marlin -- who was totally terrified -- did not !

The 'self-help' sharks held their meetings in a wrecked submarine. The meeting began.

"It has been three weeks since my last fish," Bruce told his friends proudly.

Always eager, Dory joined in. "I don't think I've ever eaten a fish," she said.

Then Marlin spotted a diver's mask. It was the same mask worn by the diver who had taken Nemo! Dory wanted to show it to the sharks but Marlin didn't. As the two scuffled over the mask, Dory bumped her nose. It bled a little -- and Bruce got a craving for a fish dinner !

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