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Emily Arrow promises to

do better this year


( I )

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Chapter 1

"Hey," yelled Emily Arrow. She looked around. "I forgot my purse."

Ms. Rooney rolled her eyes. "Hurry. The bus is leaving in a few minutes."

Emily raced back up the path.

Inside the school, a sixth-grade monitor pushed open the door.

"Thanks," Emily said. She headed down the hall for Room 113.

If only her purse were there.

Everything she needed was tucked inside. Her lunch. A dollar for a souvenir. Cookies for a snack.

Today was trip day.

Ms. Rooney's class was going to the museum.

They were going to look at dinosaur bones.

Emily stopped for a quick look at the hall bulletin board.

The first graders had drawn Happy New Year pictures.

They were all scribble-scrabble.

Emily quick-stepped around the corner.

Behind her someone else was hurrying too.

Emily didn't stop though.

"Wait up," a voice yelled.

Emily turned.

It was Dawn Bosco.

Dawn was wearing a pink polka dot hat.

It was a little too big for her. It hung down over one eye.

Dawn wasn't such a hot friend, Emily thought.

Dawn had a pencil with a tassel. She had pink socks with white lace.

Emily clicked her teeth.

That Dawn Bosco though she had everything.

"Beat you to the classroom," Dawn said.

"What are you doing here ?" Emily asked. "I thought everyone was on the bus."

Dawn raised one shoulder in the air. "I forgot my lunch. I think I left it in the closet." She crossed her fingers. "I hope so."

Emily crossed her fingers too.

"Giddap," yelled Dawn.

They raced the last few steps to the door.

Emily reached for the knob and turned it. "Locked," she said.

"Yeow," said Dawn. "We'll have to go to the office for the key."

Emily took a breath.

Suppose they missed the bus.

"Hurry," she yelled.

"Giddap," yelled Dawn again.

They sped down the hall -- straight into Mrs. Miller, the substitute teacher.

Mrs. Miller frowned at them. "Go back down the hall and walk,' she said.

"But -- " Emily began.

"We have to -- " Dawn said at the same time.

"No buts," said Mrs. Miller.

They went back tot he classroom door and started over again.

Mrs Miller nodded at them. "Good," she said. "Now you don't look like a pair of horses."

"Neigh," said Dawn under her breath.

Emily started to laugh. Quickly she covered her mouth.

In the office, Mrs. Lee was typing. She looked up as they marched in. "I thought you were going on a trip today," she said.

"We need the classroom key." Emily tried to catch her breath. "Please."

"I think you're going to miss the buss," said Mrs. Lee. she reached for a key on a string. "You'd better fly."

They dashed out of the office. "Flap your wings," said Emily.

"Don't flap too fast," Dawn said. "Mrs. Miller may see you."

They went down the hall, laughing.

"I hope you're good at locks," Emily said at the door. "I'm the worst unlocker in the world."

"Don't worry." Dawn raised her elbows up. She made believe she was flapping.

Then she stuck the key in the lock.

The door opened one, two, three.

Inside, Emily could see her purse.

It was hanging on her chair.

"Thank goodness," she said.

Dawn raced into the closet. "Come to me, peanut butter sandwich," she said. She grabbed her lunch bag.

Then they hurried out of the classroom.

"Will you take the key back ?" Dawn asked. "I'm dying for a drink of water."

Emily nodded. She raced fro the office.

Behind her she could hear Dawn. "Neigh," she was saying.

"Neigh," Emily yelled back over her shoulder.

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