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Beggar and His Dream

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Beggar and His Dream

Once, there was a beggar. He had very little to eat. He was often very hungry.

One day, the beggar was very lucky. Someone gave him a potful of flour. He was very happy and took the pot home. He hung it near his bed. Then, lying down on his bed, he started to imagine.

"I wish I were rich," thought the beggar. "Then I don't have to beg from house to house anymore." Soon the beggar fell asleep and began to dream.

There is a lot of flour in that pot. There are many hungry people in the streets. I can get a good price if I were to sell it. I would go to the market and call out to people who want to buy my flour.

"I will buy for 10 rupees," said one buyer. Another will offer me 15 rupees. The third one will want to buy my flour for 20 rupees. I will sell to the third buyer.

'Now that I have 20 rupees, shall I buy a shirt or a pair of shoes ? No, I'll start a business. First I shall buy a pair of goats. I'll feed them with lots of grass and leaves until they become fat and healthy. Later the she-goat will bear little ones. After a few years, i shall have at least ten goats. What shall I do with the ten goats ?

'I shall go to the market and shout out, "Goats, goats. Who will buy my goats ?"

"I want to buy a goat," said a man. "I'll buy it for 100 rupees." 'One goat for 100 rupees ! If I managed to sell all the goats, I would have 1000 rupees !

'I shall buy two cows. In time the cows will have calves. After a few years, they will produce milk, cream, cheese and ghee. I will be a successful trader and open a big shop along the main street.

'I will also start selling sweets. Children will come to buy my sweets. All sorts of sweets are offered. the children will come with sliver coins in their hands. They will pull along their parents. Everyone will enjoy my sweets. My business will become very big and I shall become richer.

'What shall I do with the money ? Shall I buy an elephant or a big house ? No, that's not good enough. I shall buy pearls, diamonds and rubies.

'Then I shall dress up in my best uniform and appear before the king, "Pearls, diamonds, rubies specially for your Majesty, 'I shall say, Only the best !"

"Marvellous !" the king will say, "just the right thing for my queen."

'When I become rich, many rich people will want me to marry their daughters. Should I marry one of them ? No, wait. The king also wants me to marry his princess. Yes, the princess will be my choice -- a beautiful princess with a pair of lovely eyes and long black hair.

'Later, we will have children. And I shall play with them. When I get tired, I shall ask my wife to play with them. Then I shall lie down to rest. But my wife will be busy with her housework and my children will come after me. But I shall not allow my children to disturb me. I shall shout at them and ask them to play elsewhere.

'But children will always be children. They will not listen to me. And I shall become annoyed. I shall take a stick and beat them. And beat them. And beat them ...'

Thinking that he was still beating the children, the poor beggar swung hand into the air. He swung it too high that it knocked into the pot of flour hanging nearby.

"Clang !" The pot crashed on to the ground. The flour spilled all over the sandy floor.

The poor beggar looked around him. But there was no princess, no large palace, no beautiful garden, and not even a child ! It was a day dream.

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