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A Wise Old Goose

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A Wise Old Goose

Once upon a time, there was a tall tree in the forest. The tree was the home of wild geese.

One of the geese was very old but wise. One day, the old goose saw a small creeper plant at the foot of tree. He asked the other geese about it. "Do you see the creeper ? Go and destroy it," he said.

"Why ?" asked the other geese. "It's small and harmless to us."

"I know it is small. As it creeps up this tree, it will grow thick and strong. When it is strong, anyone can climb it. A hunter can climb up and kill us," replied the wise old bird.

"Never mind," said the geese." It is still small. We don't need to worry."

"Cut the creeper while it is still young. Now it is still tender and can be cut easily. Later, it becomes hard, you will not be able to cut it," advised the old bird.

However, the geese did not cut the creeper. They did not listen to the advice.

The creeper grew up around the tree and it became stronger and stronger each day.

One morning, when the geese flew out looking for food, a hunter came. He climbed up the creeper and found that this was the home of the geese. He planned to catch the birds so he spread his net on the tree.

In the evening, when the geese returned to the tree, they were trapped in the hunter's net.

"Help ! Help!" the geese cried. "What shall we do ?"

"Stop crying now," the old bird said. "I told you to cut the creeper before it grew up, but you did not listen to me. Now look what has happened to us. Tomorrow the hunter will come and kill us."

"We were foolish," cried the other geese." We are sorry. Please tell us what to do now !"

"Listen carefully," said the wise goose. "When the hunter comes tomorrow, we all must pretend to be dead. The hunter will then throw us to the ground. Remember that when the last was thrown down, we must get up quickly and fly."

The next morning, the hunter came. "They are all dead," he said to himself. He threw them out of the net, one by one. when the last goose was thrown down, all the geese got up quickly and flew away.

The hunter was surprisingly looking at the birds over the sky, and he could not do anything other than stare at them. The geese were saved by the wisdom of the old goose.

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