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Curry Powder

curry powder  

Madras Curry is an old and venerable spice, and although the familiar yellow powder might seem out of place in the world of modern spices, Sun Brand Madras Curry Powder has stood the test of time. Emerging on the market at the turn of the century, Sun Brand Curry Powder is still as fresh and bright a flavoring as it was then. This beautiful old-fashioned tin holds a subtly seductive blend of coriander, turmeric, chilies, salt, cumin, fennel and other spices. "Madras" style curry powder has some heat to it, so use conservatively in your dishes. Besides adding to a traditional curry, add to yogurt, marinades, sweet potatoes, stuffing and cheese sauces.


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venerable - commanding respect by virtue of age
out of place - not suitable for a particular situation
at the turn of a century - a change to a new century
blend - a mixture of different things
incorrigible   incapable of being corrected
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